Geingob praises Nambundunga

26 Jan 2019 11:40am
OSHIHOLE, 26 JAN (NAMPA) – President Hage Geingob said the late Major-General (Rtd) Peter Nambundunga lived a good life, a life of love, hard work, dedication and discipline, besides being a man of honour, courage and patriotism.
Geingob said this whilst addressing hundreds of mourners, who gathered at Oshihole village of the Onesi Constituency in the Omusati Region for the memorial service held here for Nambundunga, on Friday.
Nambundunga died in the MediPark Private Hospital at Ongwediva in the Oshana Region on the 14th of this month, aged 72.
Geingob noted that Nambundunga did not fear death, but like a true soldier, was prepared to meet it calmly whenever the moment would arrive.
“Thus, the hero from Oshihole village, Onesi, is no more, but the exemplary exploits of his life will remain etched in our memories forever,” stated the president.
He went on to say Nambundunga was one of the heroes who were able to enjoy the fruits of independence, following the successful conclusion of the armed struggle, making the transition from PLAN (People’s Liberation Army of Namibia) to Namibia Defence Force (NDF).
“Whatever task was given to him; whether it was tending to the cattle as a young boy in his village, motivating his fellow soldiers in exile as a political commissar, being an army commander in the NDF or advising the governor of the Ohangwena Region, he carried his task out with discipline, dedication and skill.
Nambundunga’s journey into exile, Geingob said, took place in February 1975, never knowing whether he would return to his home again.
Founding President Sam Nujoma described Nambundunga as one of the fallen heroes because of his contribution to the realisation of the liberation of Namibia and dedicating his entire youth and adult life to the fight for the freedom of the nation.
Also speaking at the memorial service was Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Martin Shalli who told the mourners that Nambundunga was a highly decorated officer and deserved a heroes’ burial.
Geingob conferred on him the honour of a State funeral. Motivating his belief of Nambundunga being a hero, Shalli cited that the late major-general has done a wonderful job both during the liberation struggle, as an army commander in the NDF and as special advisor to the Ohangwena governor.
Shalli narrated that Nambundunga successfully served as chief of logistics in then Swapo military wing, PLAN, for six years, while many people served in such position and were recalled in a short period of just six months for being unsuccessful.
“He mastered it very well and remember, he was the first Colonel in the history of Namibia,” stated the retired Namibian defence force chief, adding that all other colonels ahead of Nambundunga were appointees of the then colonial government of South Africa.
Nambundunga is survived by his wife, Cecilia, 10 children and three sisters. He is to be buried at the Omugulugombashe Memorial Site also in his home region of Omusati on Saturday.