Don’t mock the Namibian learners: Hanse-Himarwa

26 Jan 2019 10:50am
WALVIS BAY, 26 JAN (NAMPA) – Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has called on those who take pictures and display learners being taught outside classrooms to stop this criticism.
The minister said the lack of classrooms at some schools in the country is not an intentional situation and that those displaying these learners are indeed making a mockery of learners who actually want to learn despite the situation.
“You are not mocking the ministry or the government but instead the children who are being taught under a tree and instead of doing this, you could meet the government halfway by building classrooms for the needy schools,” she noted.
Hanse-Himarwa was speaking during the handover of six newly built classrooms at Kuisebmund and Narraville primary schools as well as two renovated laboratories at the Kuisebmund Secondary School, by the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Walvis Bay Branch, here on Friday.
The classrooms, four and two for Kuisebmund and Narraville respectively, are valued at N.dollars 1.4 million and were constructed under the ministry’s flagship programme, Friends of Education in Namibia Special Initiative (FENSI).
“This gesture was done as a realisation of the fact that the government’s efforts alone cannot address all the needs of our education system and thus concerted efforts ought to be made by all Namibians,” Hanse-Himarwa added.
Chairperson of NCCI Walvis Bay Johnny Doeseb said the business fraternity was responding to the region’s shortage of classrooms, which has even led to some schools adopting the platoon system.
“Contributing meaningfully to the Namibian Child’s education is equally our responsibility as a private sector and not just that of the government,” Doeseb stated in his speech.
He noted that the business fraternity wanted to dignify learners, by building these classrooms
“The rest of the private sector should stop looting large sums of money from Government through tenders and instead come on board and plough back into the society meaningfully,” Doeseb said.
Walvis Bay Mayor Immanuel Wilfred commended the NCCI for its contribution, highlighting how the shortage of classrooms at the town hinders teaching and learning due to the harsh climatic conditions in the region.
The NCCI also donated an amount of N.dollars 20 000 to the ministry, which will be awarded to one top Grade 12 and three Grade 10 performers in 2019. The high school graduate will receive N.dollars 11 000 to register at a Namibian tertiary institution of their choice and N.dollars 3 000 will go to each Grade 10 learner.