AUYC Namibia chairperson wants young people educated on corruption

24 Jan 2019 19:40pm
SWAKOPMUND, 24 JAN (NAMPA) – Chairperson of the African Union Youth Club (AUYC) for the Namibian Chapter, Ester Simon called for young people to be educated and exposed to the dangers of corruption, in order to minimise such cases in the future.
This, she explained, will also help determine its root causes.
“As a young generation, we need education which is very important and we feel that in most cases, corruption starts at a young age, but if young people are sensitised and warned against it, corruption could end,” she said.
Simon made the remarks during an interview with Nampa on the sidelines of the official launch of the Anti-Corruption Campaign Week which started here on Thursday.
According to her, in most cases corruption emanates from poverty and a lack of information, especially for people in the rural areas who have little to no access to information.
“We believe that by launching this campaign, a lot of people would also come out and expose corruption in their society, once they are made aware of the ways to go about it,” she pointed out.
During the Anti-Corruption Campaign Week, the AUYC will create awareness and a platform to sensitise the community of Swakopmund’s DRC settlement on the dangers of corruption, and speaking out on corruption.
The launch which took place at the Hanganeni Primary School was organised by the AUYC Namibian Chapter, with the aim to sensitise the rural communities on the fight against corruption, based on the African Union Theme of the Year 2018, ‘Fight Against Corruption; A Sustainable Path for Africa’s Transformation’.
The AUYC is a subdivision of the African Union Southern Africa Regional Office (AU-SARO), established in 2001 with the purpose of developing and maintaining constructive and productive relationships between the AU and member states in the Southern African Development Community and the continent as a whole.