Dordabis residents call for construction of secondary school

24 Jan 2019 16:40pm
By Chelva Wells
DORDABIS, 24 JAN (NAMPA) – Dordabis community members have called for the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture to open up a secondary school at Dordabis.
In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, Anna Cloete, a member of the community complained about the absence of a secondary school at the village, saying it negatively affects the development of the community.
Cloete told this agency that after learners finish Grade 7, they have nowhere to go to further their education as most parents are unemployed or farmworkers who cannot afford to send them to schools outside Dordabis.
The village is situated 80 kilometres east of Windhoek and is home to approximately 1 500 people.
“Our children, girls especially, finish primary school and stay at home, abusing alcohol, sleeping with older men, falling pregnant and in most cases end up [getting] infected with HIV/AIDS,” a concerned Cloete said.
Cloete, who was present during a community meeting on Tuesday afternoon at the village’s community hall, explained that the absence of a secondary school contributes to poverty creation.
Ricardo Khoaseb, the acting Head of Department at Dordabis Primary School, also cemented Cloete’s concerns, saying learners are going nowhere after completing Grade 7.
“We have been talking to a lot of stakeholders. We had a lot of meetings and media from all over have been covering this issue, but still nothing happens. It is really a pity to see learners with so much potential stuck in this location because of the situation we are in,” Khoaseb said.
Councillor for the Windhoek Rural Constituency, Penina Iita told Nampa on Thursday that negotiations between Government and owners of the private land are well underway to find a place where a secondary school can be constructed.