AR ponders on political parties and 2019 elections

24 Jan 2019 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 24 JAN (NAMPA) – The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement wants to mobilise its members to vote for any political party that will adopt - in its election manifesto - the group’s wishes and aspirations ahead of the national polls.
This was said by Job Amupanda, one of the group’s founders at a media briefing in the capital on Thursday.
He said the time had come for young Namibians to start asking critical questions.
Amupanda said they have been fighting for social justice since AR’s formation in 2014.
“However, to date, it appears as though our efforts to fight for the poor masses of the Namibian populace have been falling on deaf ears and met with great resistance by the Government of the day,” he said.
AR’s co-founder George Kambala said their move is necessitated by Namibia’s continuing land deterioration, despite their continued protests, negotiations and agitations.
“We have now reached a point where it is clear that the regime remains uninterested in decisively solving the housing and land question in our country,” Kambala charged.
As a consequence, AR has been left with little options to have their demands met, one of which is through political parties.
“Do we negotiate with existing political parties including Swapo? To negotiate with them and say we are tired of this thing and we are now going to engage as a political force,” Amupanda said in agreement with Kambala.
But their support will come under strict conditions.
“We are going to exercise our vote on the basis of what it is that you are going to give us, not on the basis of history. We are going to exercise our vote on the basis of the present and the future,” he added.
The movement will do the same during local authority and regional elections in the coming years, they said.
Another option is for AR itself to participate in these elections as a civic organisation.
“Must AR actively participate in municipal and town council elections as a civic organisation or support independent civic organisations to practically implement AR land and housing policies?” asked Amupanda.
The AR leadership, however, downplayed the suggestion that they intend to transform the pressure group into a fully-fledged political formation.
Namibia is set to hold Presidential and National Assembly Elections in November this year.