Man accused of raping 10-year-old girl found guilty

23 Jan 2019 11:00am
SWAKOPMUND, 23 JAN (NAMPA) – A 36-year-old man accused of raping a minor in 2011, was found guilty of rape and threatening in the Swakopmund Magistrate’s Court on Monday and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Immanuel Nowaseb was accused of raping his then 10-year-old victim in the presence of her younger brother on 08 December 2011.
He reportedly asked her to meet with him at a local bar in order to give her money he owed her mother and then took the girl and her younger brother to his shack.
He threatened the children with a toy gun before instructing the victim to undress and raping her.
Nowaseb, who was 29 at the time, represented himself towards the end of the trial and will serve 15 years for the charge of rape and 15 years for threatening, which Magistrate Gaynor Poulton Poulton said will be served concurrently.
The conviction comes after a series of postponements since the trial started in 2012.
The mother of the now 17-year old girl expressed faith in the justice system despite the lengthy process involved.
In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, she said she is glad that the matter has now been finalised.
“My daughter, whose innocence was taken away at a tender age, can now live fearlessly and move on with her precious life,” she said.
She added that she hopes her daughter will start learning to trust people close to her again as Nowaseb was someone the family knew well from church.
“For so long, she felt defenceless because this case went on for so long, but hopefully now that the culprit is no longer among us, she will be able to work on herself emotionally.”
Prosecutor Dalon Quickfall represented the State in the matter.