Rehoboth kidnapping suspect pleads guilty

23 Jan 2019 06:10am
REHOBOTH, 23 JAN (NAMPA) – The 25-year-old woman arrested for kidnapping a baby in Rehoboth on 11 November last year, pleaded guilty to the charge in the Rehoboth Magistrate’s Court Tuesday.
Sharon Kaenjerewandu appeared before Magistrate Kandinawapa Nangombe and immediately admitted guilt when the charge was put to her. Judgment in the matter was set for Wednesday.
Kaenjerewandu, through her legal aid lawyer, Ernestine Jansen in her mitigating plea said she has a two-year-old child who lives on a farm with her 67-year-old grandmother.
The accused indicated that she was asked by a friend known only as ‘Leon’ to get him a child, even if it was an infant. When visiting a friend’s house, the mother of the baby handed over the then one-month-old baby to the accused to use the bathroom.
The moment the mother of the infant was out of sight the accused went to a service station in Rehoboth to meet Leon to hand over the baby, but he did not answer his mobile phone.
It is then that she decided to take a lift to Windhoek and was informed the next day the police were looking for her, after which she informed them where she resides and was picked up. Wanaheda Police Station officials then brought her to Rehoboth where she also returned the baby unharmed.
Jansen also noted that the accused was aware of the interest of society and admits that it is a very serious offence, but asked the court to blend the sentence with a measure of mercy.
“She is truly remorseful for her actions and does not wish to waste the court’s time and puts herself at the mercy of the court. The sentence normally attracts a custodial sentence, however, we plead with the court to take her youthfulness into consideration and not bring her to a point where she sees no future for herself,” she said.
Jansen said it should be taken into consideration that the accused did not harm the baby and would ask for a sentence of three years’ imprisonment of which 18 months is suspended for five years. She said it would in this instance do justice to the case and it will not break the accused and will allow her to continue her life when she serves her sentence.
Public Prosecutor Zibiho Munenze represented the State in the matter.