Omaheke school hostels to be renovated

21 Jan 2019 10:00am
GOBABIS, 21 JAN (NAMPA) – The education ministry will this year upgrade and renovate facilities at two government school hostels in the Omaheke Region, Education Director Peka Semba has said.
Semba said the upgrading of the facilities, which are in a dilapidated state, will enhance teaching and learning and raise the morale of the learners residing in these hostels.
The director, during an interview with Nampa on Friday, said the upgrading of hostel facilities at the Ernst Meyer Primary School and the Epukiro Post 3 Junior Secondary School will start soon.
Ernst Meyer is located some 45 kilometres east of Gobabis along the Trans-Kalahari Highway, while the Epukiro Post 3 Secondary School is located at the settlement with the same name, some 130km east of Gobabis in the Epukiro Constituency.
Semba said funding for the renovation of the two facilities will come from the African Development Bank.
Although he could not state the total cost of the project, Semba said both existing hostels will be demolished to make way for the construction of modern facilities.
“It is something that we welcome a lot in our region due to the current state of infrastructure at these two hostels,” he said.
While Ernst Meyer is in a better position, learners at Epukiro Post 3 hostel are forced to sleep in dormitories with broken windows and there are also not enough beds.
Toilet facilities are also damaged, as they are mostly blocked or drainage pipes leak.
Meanwhile, Semba called on learners and hostel staff to guard against wastage of water and electricity at government hostels across the region.
The director said water and electricity bills for the facilities are exorbitant and the regional education directorate is forced to fork out the money to keep these facilities running.
“We will monitor the usage closely and enforce punitive measures where negligence is found to be the cause of these high bills,” he said.
He said the general culture of vandalism and ignorance when it comes to government property also has to stop, as those found guilty of such wastage will be made to account for their actions.
Semba noted that money saved from such wastage could be put into the betterment of actual teaching and learning, which is the core function of the ministry.