RTC planning boom gates to curb illegal dumping, sand mining

15 Jan 2019 19:30pm
RUNDU, 15 JAN (NAMPA) – The Rundu Town Council is planning to put up four boom gates on roads that access the local floodplains in order to minimise illegal sand mining and the dumping of refuse.
Two of the boom gates will be placed on Hamutenya Mbwangungu Road which leads to Rundu Beach and the road that leads to Ngandu Lodge.
The third will be placed on the road to Sarasungu Lodge and fourth in the area of the golf club.
The town council’s acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sikongo Haihamabo told Nampa in a recent interview the gates will be manned.
He said the four roads are the ones most used for sand mining and the illegal dumping of refuse.
“The Rundu Town Council is now very particular about illegal sand mining and refuse dumping in the floodplains because whatever people dump there might end up in our river,” he said.
The acting CEO said rubbish is mostly dumped by small businesses such as cuca shops, while households make up just a small percentage of the culprits.
He added that the small businesses operate with fitness certificates from the council.
“I, for one, will not hesitate to withdraw these certificates. I will take them out of business if they continue,” Haihambo stated.
The acting CEO further noted that at a later stage, the town council will team up with law enforcement to root out businesses, including shebeens, operating without a fitness certificate.
“I am not going to tell them during which month, but we are going to come after them. We will conduct this campaign twice or thrice, but we will definitely do it,” he said.
With regards to sand mining, Haihambo said there is a moratorium on the activity until further notice.
“The plan for the future is that residents will be required to apply to the RTC in order to mine sand in a specific area,” he said.