Attempted murder accused applies for bail

15 Jan 2019 12:00pm
WINDHOEK, 15 JAN (NAMPA) – A businessman arrested in December 2018 for allegedly shooting and wounding another man with a bow and arrow in the Havana informal settlement, is now fighting to be released on bail.

Amupanda Awala, 33, through his privately-instructed defence lawyer, Mbanga Siyomuinji, brought a formal bail application in an effort to be set free while awaiting the finalisation of his case.

Awala brought his bail application before Windhoek Magistrate Kamboua Umunani and told the court that he wants to be granted bail because his businesses are suffering losses as a result of his continued incarceration.

The accused pleaded to be granted bail in order to help his six school-going minor children who are now in the care of his respective mothers and relatives.

Meanwhile, Public Prosecutor Pieter Smit objected to the granting of bail on the grounds that there might be risk of abscondment, the possibility of committing another criminal offence and attempting to interfere with the police investigations by ways of indirectly or directly contacting State witnesses.

The hearing of the bail application will again proceed on 01 February 2019 as per an agreement reached in court his lawyer and the prosecution.

According to a summary of substantial facts, Awala is facing a count of assault with an attempt to cause grievous bodily and attempted murder in respect of the shooting incident that caused the hospitalization of the victim.

Awala, who is a resident of the Havana squatter camps, was arrested on 23 December 2018, is reported to own a bar, a farming plot in the North with several animals and 12 people are in his employment.

It is alleged that the accused shot the victim with a bow and arrow after a fight broke out between the two men and the victim’s brother on 23 December.

The accused claimed that when he was approached by the victim and they started fighting, everyone in the vicinity also started fighting, and he later saw the accused on the floor bleeding and then left the scene.

Awala said he will enter pleas of not guilty to the charges against him when his trial begins proper.

He remains in custody at the Wanaheda Police Station’s trial-awaiting section.