Keetmanshop pensioners treated to early Christmas party

17 Dec 2013 10:00am
WINDHOEK, 17 DEC (NAMPA) - About 15 pensioners from the Tseiblaagte residential area in Keetmanshop were treated to an early Christmas party last Saturday.
It was organised by the Kisnic Group of Companies’ owner and manager Nico Kisting and Bennie Diergaardt, the Chief Control Officer of the //Karas Regional Council.
The party took place at the Kisnic Group of Companies’ workshop in Keetmanshoop.
In a media statement issued to Nampa on Tuesday, Kisting was quoted as saying that he organised the party because poverty is very big in the south.
“All these people are pensioners, and they last had a pension payout in November. The next time they will get paid will only be in January next year, and some of them will thus have nothing for Christmas because the money will be finished by then,” he explained.
The pensioners were treated to lunch and Christmas gifts to take home. These gift packs comprised vegetables, cooking oil and macaroni, amongst other things.
Kisting also said he organised the party and gifts for the people of the south because he grew up there.
Thus, he took the initiative to give back to the community, and to share his blessings with them.
The businessman said he spent about N.dollars 15 000 for the party.
It was his first time hosting a party for the elderly people of the town, and he is planning to do so again next year with an increased number of pensioners from other towns as well.
The deputy mayor of Keetmanshoop, Councillor Gabriel Freyer also attended the party, and said Keetmanshoop lacks elderly people who are still able to lead by example and advice youngsters.
“That is why the youth of this town is completely thrown away in terms of values, beliefs and norms,” he stated.
Pensioner Sanna Joseph thanked Kisting and his partners.
“This couldn't have come at a better time, and he should continue doing things of this nature, and he will be blessed for it,” she beamed.