Absence of councilors at RTC negatively impacting operations

09 Jan 2019 18:30pm
RUNDU, 09 JAN (NAMPA) – The absence of councillors at the Rundu Town Council (RTC) is negatively impacting the operations of the institution in some areas, its acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sikongo Haihambo said on Wednesday.
The RTC has been operating without councillors from 21 November 2018 after its swearing-in ceremony of councillors was called-off due to a division among them over a decision as to whether the former mayor of Rundu Verna Sinimbo should retain her position or not.
The councillors, particularly from the ruling Swapo party, also had infights around an alleged directive from the Swapo party Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa to retain the status quo.
Haihambo explained that there are certain things that the RTC can only do through council resolutions which now have to wait.
He said council passed many resolutions last year which are ready for implementation and are thus being revisited by his office and the management.
The acting CEO added that he is, however, preparing for the resumption as well as the swearing-in of the office bearers.
Meanwhile, All People’s Party (APP) Regional Coordinator for the Kavango East Region Marcellus Haivera called for the ruling party’s top leadership to step in and call those in the wrong to order.
“How should residents expect development in a town with leaders who continue to be at each other's throats,” he asked.
He went on to say that councillors are failing the residents of the town especially at a time when the town is not out of the woods on important issues such as water just yet.
Swapo party regional coordinator in the region, Ottilie Shinduvi told Nampa on the same day the party's office will open for business next week Monday, when she will then consult with Shaningwa on the way forward with regard to the swearing-in of the councillors.