16 Dec 2013 20:00

TSUMEB (14 December 2013) – Employees of Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb banded together in the charitable spirit of Christmas on Saturday (Dec. 14) to perform an act of kindness for Tsumeb’s senior citizens.
Two teams of employees provided foot scrubs and pedicures, distributed food hampers and toiletry gift bags, and spent quality time with 40 residents of Nomtsoub Old Age Home and Maroela Park Retirement Home throughout the morning. The visits were capped by a light lunch for the seniors, courtesy of Dundee.
Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb, which operates the Tsumeb Smelter, also donated a much-needed six-burner gas stove to the Nomtsoub facility. The complex is home to 27 elderly persons hailing from Tsumeb and a host of other communities around Namibia.
“Since Dundee is part of the community, we wanted to reach out to that segment that is often pushed to the margins, namely the elderly,” said Public Relations Officer Elizabeth Mutota, who was in charge of organising the visits. “We wanted our elders to know that we appreciate all the things they have done in their lives and all the contributions they have made for everyone’s benefit over the years, as well as for the wisdom they accrued from a long life of experience and shared with others.”
“Christmas-time is the season of giving, and we wanted to convey this ideal by extending some tender loving care to our seniors,” she said.
Residents expressed their joy and thankfulness for the visits and the donations, and asked the Dundee volunteers to return and spend more time with them.
“It’s nice just to mingle and chat,” said one. “I like that the most.”