//Kharas obtains 45 per cent Grade 10 pass rate

09 Jan 2019 15:50pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 09 JAN (NAMPA) – Out of the 1389 learners that sat for the 2018 Junior Secondary Certificate, examinations in the //Kharas Region, only 623 passed.
This represents a 45 per cent pass rate while the 55 per cent who failed have to find alternatives ways to repeat or go back to school.
The 766 learners who did not make it to grade 11, failed to obtain the pass requirement of 23 points, while out of the 45 per cent who passed, 16 per cent obtained 30 points and above.
These figures were revealed at a meeting for principals, circuit education inspectors, directors and the management of the regional council, which was hosted by the //Kharas Directorate of Education here on Wednesday.
Opening the meeting on Wednesday, the Director of Education, Arts and Culture in the //Kharas Region, /Awebahe //Hoeseb said there is a need to adopt strategic transformational approaches in order to increase organisational efficiencies at all levels in order to address the constant poor performances by some schools.
“Be it at classroom, departmental, school, cluster, circuit and regional level, we must leave no stone unturned,” he added.
He explained that some organisations are in need of total transformation of management, administration and leadership practices in order for them to achieve quantum leaps in the overall quality of service delivery and qualitative outcomes.
“One of the ideal extreme changes that might produce more efficient and effective results, is to change the mindsets of the persons leading schools, circuits, sections, divisions at all levels,” //Hoeseb suggested.
Changing the mindsets, he continued, will be disruptive to the characteristic habitual practices that are already in place but there is a need for creative and innovative adjustments.
“The improvement of quality education at all levels require from all heads of divisions, circuits, clusters and section to continuously focus on their efforts to change their mindsets and conform to set policy standard,” he added.
The two-day meeting, which ends on Thursday, is aimed at analysing the 2018 grade 10 results and mapping ways towards improving practices, processes and procedures in order to yield better results.