Travellers stranded at Oshakati

07 Jan 2019 11:10am
ONGWEDIVA, 07 JAN (NAMPA) – Hundreds of people who needed to travel from the northern regions back to the southern parts of the country for work, were left stranded here on Sunday due to a lack of transport.
The travellers, many of whom were expected back at work on Monday, packed the Okatana Service Station and the new Aupa Indongo Open Market in Oshakati waiting to find space in any available vehicle, including privately-owned ones.
Some of the stranded travellers interviewed by Nampa expressed frustration that they have been severely inconvenienced by the lack of transportation, as they wanted to travel back to the coast while others needed to be dropped off at various towns along the B1 national road.
“We cannot get transport to our desired destinations on time, as the available buses and mini buses refuse to take along those who are travelling for shorter distances to places such as Tsumeb and Otjiwarongo,” said one traveller.
Those that are dropped off at shorter distances, she added, are over-charged a price of N.dollars 350 which is normally paid only by those traveling to Windhoek.
Approached for comment on this desperate transport situation, the Secretary-General of the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA), Pendapala Nakathingo said he could not promise that the stranded people will be able to get any assistance immediately so that they can make it to work on time.
“It seems all hope is lost and nothing can be done for them,” he said.
NABTA is the only association that is ‘legally mandated’ to deal with, and regulate the public transport sector in Namibia.
Nakathingo assured travellers that NABTA is in the process of reorganising the public transport industry so as to keep track of how many long distance buses operate which route, and arrange for travellers to be picked up on time in order to avoid such situations at the beginning of the year.