Oshakati Town Council honours its ratepayers

16 Dec 2013 19:00pm
OSHAKATI, 16 DEC (NAMPA) - Oshakati Mayor Onesmus Shilunga has appealed to all headmen and homestead owners in and around Oshakati to assist his council when they are approached to make way for the development of the town.
Shilunga issued the appeal on Friday during an early Christmas party his council hosted for the town’s compliant ratepayers, as well as for headmen and villagers who willingly made way for the development of the town when asked to surrender their traditionally-owned lands.
“Follow the good example set by the villages which are represented here today,” Shilunga urged.
The Oshakati Mayor told those present that he felt privileged to have the heads of villages around Oshakati attending the party organised by the council along with town officials.
“These are very important stakeholders of the council who facilitate initial stages of development,” Shilunga said.
The party was held to thank heads of villages around Oshakati for having handled negotiations with the communities of their respective villages for town development purposes.
Othingo, Okaku Kiipupu, Ehenye, Onawa, Ompumbu and Ekuku were the villages represented at the party.
Shilunga told his audience that his council strives to develop Oshakati to municipality status, like Windhoek, by 2015.
“We can do it in the next two years as long as the town residents support the council and pays for the services council delivers accordingly,” the mayor said.
Chairperson of the Oshakati Town Council management committee, Gabriel Kamwanka also addressed those who attended the party and advised the residents of the town to change their sexual behaviour if HIV infection is to be curbed at the town and in the country at large.
He also called on residents to always consider the 50-50 gender representation in all their daily activities to ensure that women also form part of decision-making authorities.
“This is possible, provided that we continue living in peace and remain a united society,” Kamwanka stated.