NamPol officers deployed to Darfur

04 Jan 2019 13:40pm
WINDHOEK, 04 JAN (NAMPA) – Fifteen members of the Namibia Police Force (NamPol) will depart Namibia on Sunday to serve the United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Mission in the Darfur region of Sudan.
The officers - 12 men and three women - have been deployed for a period of one year.
Speaking at a sending-off ceremony here Friday, NamPol’s acting Inspector-General, Commissioner Andries van der Byl explained that the deployed members were selected after they successfully passed the UN Selection Assistance and Assessment Team (SAAT) test, which assessed their physical fitness, English language proficiency and driving capabilities in addition to other areas of competence.
“They will be deployed specifically in the Protection of Civilian (PoC) camps to safeguard thousands of people seeking refuge in the war-torn region,” he said.
After serving in the PoC camps for three months, the Namibian officers will then be eligible to apply for positions in other divisions in the UN mission, such as administration, finance and communication.
“If the Mission needs their services any further, the UN can ask for an extension and then they will get a six month extension. Also, if the officers would like to stay longer, they can apply to stay for another six months,” he added.
NamPol have been part of the UN Integrated Mission in East Timor and in Liberia until the last day when those two countries achieved peace and stability.
Other United Nations, African Union (AU) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) Missions in which NamPol participated and continue to participate are in Sierra Leona, Liberia, Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, Lesotho, South Sudan and Abeyi.
Van der Byl said experience has proven that through such participation, men and women of the Namibian Police Force have always gained recognition and appreciation for their hard work, dedication, discipline and professionalism.
“Namibians must always remember that we are a product of international solidarity. We remain committed and will always continue to honour our international obligations by deploying our members to various peacekeeping missions, thereby contributing to global peace and stability,” he noted.