Last-minute uniform shopping a challenge for retailers

02 Jan 2019 18:10pm
WINDHOEK, 02 JAN (NAMPA) – Last-minute shopping for school uniforms poses some stock-related challenges for wholesalers and retailers during the ‘back-to-school’ period.
Co-founder of Windhoek’s Schooltex and Sportwear, Beauty Mathupi explained that one of the biggest challenges they usually encounter this time of the year relates to uncertainty about the quantity of items they should stock.
“You’ll have stock of 500 dresses of the same size, and just because of the last-minute issue it is very difficult because you have to wait for those ones to sell out before you stock again,” she said.
She added that the retailer manufactures all its uniforms in Namibia, thus getting new stock and distributing it to its two Windhoek-based stores is not a challenge.
On his part, co-owner of Boundary Wholesale Ebrahim Patel said suppliers deliver stock late due to poor logistics management between Namibia and South Africa.
“The problem we have at the moment is stock that does not arrive on time because of the way the economy is. There’s no transport between South Africa and Namibia at the moment, so it becomes very hard to get stock on time,” he said.
He however pointed out that they carry stock of a year and a half in advance, and he is therefore confident that Boundary Wholesale would be able to accommodate the volume of its customers this year.
Patel said although the store has seen many shoppers coming in Wednesday, he expects much more activity next week when most customers return from their holidays.