Strong wind and heavy rain destroy pensioner's house at Mayana

19 Dec 2018 16:50pm
MAYANA, 19 DEC (NAMPA) – Strong wind accompanied by heavy rain ripped off the roof of a brick house in the Mayana village Tuesday evening.
Ten people were inside the house when the strong wind started at around 18h00, bringing down the rooftop of the two-bedroom house belonging to 75-year-old Johannes Nangombe and his 52-year-old wife Emilie Nangombe.
“The strong wind blew off the roof leaving a pile of bricks at the foot of the property as well as inside the home of the couple,” a very emotional Nangombe told Nampa at their home on Wednesday.
With tears rolling down his face, Nangombe remembers sitting under a tree, which the strong wind also later tore down, when he heard a loud bang as the roof was coming off.
“I had to hold on to this tree in order to survive. The wind was too strong and I could barely see anything. I even have a lot of sand in my ears as we speak,” he said.
The family’s clothes that were hanging at the back of the house to dry were all blown away.
“We only found some after the heavy rain stopped, lying around in other people’s fields,” a sad Nangombe said.
The strong wind also destroyed a corrugated iron sheet room.
The natural disaster forced the couple to seek shelter from family members in Rundu Tuesday evening.
The wind and rain destroyed the inside of their home and damaged much of their food. The family also lost school report cards of their grandchildren.
“I don’t feel good, as you can see. I am a pensioner who started building and working on this home since 1982. It is now destroyed and I have no idea how I am going to rebuild it,” he said.
The family is calling on good Samaritans to help with roof sheets.
“Support in any form will be welcome,” Nangombe pleaded.