Printech warehouse burns down

15 Dec 2018 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 15 DEC (NAMPA) – A warehouse belonging to renowned printing firm Printech burned to the ground in the capital on Saturday, leaving some 17 people unemployed and millions of dollars in financial losses.
The blaze broke out around 10h0, however, by the time the City of Windhoek’s Emergency Response Unit arrived on the premises, the entire building was fully engulfed by the flames.
The cause of the fire remains unknown and no casualties have been reported, although two employees were rushed to the hospital due to smoke inhalation. As there was little they could to put out the blaze that spread uncontrollably.
“At the moment, we don’t know what happened. We just have to investigate. What we know is that there were people that were working and we were informed that the fire originated at one of the machines and they tried to put it out but they failed and called us in,” Sikongo Fillipush, a senior officer at the Emergency Response Unit told Nampa.
“The fire spread very quickly despite our prompt response but we managed to put out the flames although it seems that all the contents of the building have burnt down,” he added.
When interviewed by Nampa on scene, Renette Hein, a receptionist at the company shared the ordeal, which has left her and 16 others without employment.
Narrating the events, she said they reported on duty on Saturday – an off day under normal circumstances – as there was an urgent job to do for one of their clients, which was due on Monday.
“We just had paper-work to do as all the printing works had already been concluded,” she said, explaining that none of the machines were on.
The exact value of the damage, estimated to be in the millions, is yet to be established.