Fishing companies donate to drought relief programme

15 Dec 2013 12:10pm
WINDHOEK, 15 DEC (NAMPA) - Two local fishing companies, Epathomar Trading Enterprises and Trachurus Fishing, donated food items valued at more than N.dollars 3,7 million towards drought relief efforts on Friday.
The cans of fish, fish soup and bags of maize meal will only be distributed at health centres in the most affected drought-stricken areas.
Disaster Risk Management Director in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Japhet Iitenge told Nampa on the sidelines of the handing over ceremony in Windhoek that an agreement was reached between the OPM, the companies and the Ministry of Health and Social Services to distribute the food items amongst patients at health centres.
“Distributions will start right away,” he noted.
According to Iitenge, patients at health centres will receive the food when they are discharged, with the idea being that patients are provided with meals during their medication period. He stressed that the donation forms part of Government’s commitment to providing food to the most needy.
The normal distribution of food by the OPM will continue as usual to households under the drought distribution programme, which ends in March 2014.
At the same occasion, Trachurus Board member Jerome Mouton said they are cognisant of the efforts Government has made to provide much-needed relief to local communities.
“But it is our conviction that in times of such crises, all stakeholders need to put their shoulders against the wheel to ensure that no further death occurs as a result of the drought. No child should be denied the right to attend school due to hunger,” he stressed.
It is against this background that the company has put together an emergency relief package aimed at supporting Government’s national drought relief efforts.
In addition to the tinned fish, the company also donated sachets of fish soup and protein-rich and fortified maize-based products. The maize-based products will help with the mass feeding of people potentially at risk of malnutrition. The cans of fish will mainly serve as supplements to the ordinary maize meal products, which have been donated by Epathomar Trading Enterprises.
Trachurus Fishing’s donation is valued at N.dollars 3 million.
Epathomar Board member Charlotte Mpingana said the gesture signifies the company’s commitment, as part of the private sector, to meet Government halfway in addressing the effects of the drought on people in the rural areas.
The company donated tinned fish and maize meal worth N.dollars 72 620.