Corruption can be fought by addressing root causes: Amoonga

12 Dec 2018 15:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chief Public Education and Corruption Prevention Officer in the Erongo Region, Tobias Amoonga said corruption could be prevented by addressing its risks from the root.
Amoonga was speaking during the unveiling of the ‘Anti-Corruption Tree’ here on Wednesday.
The anti-corruption tree, which is situated in the centre of the city along Tobias Hainyeko Drive, was unveiled by Erongo Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua, with the aim to raise awareness on corruption.
“You will agree with me that while investigating corrupt dealings is important, the best cure for it is prevention, therefore awareness is an effective implementation of preventive measures which can help Namibia and Africa at large,” Amoonga stated.
The embedding ceremony was done to commemorate international Anti-Corruption Day, which is commemorated on 09 December every year.
The day was observed under the theme ‘Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation’.
Amoonga noted that embedding the anti-corruption tree in the town symbolises the government soliciting support from members of the public in the fight against corruption.
He added that placing the plaque in the city centre will help spread the message of anti-corruption not only to Swakopmund residents, but to visitors of the town as well.
Amoonga advocated for open talks and discussions about corruption as fighting it requires the participation of all stakeholders of the government, as the ACC will not win the fight against corruption on its own.
In his speech, the governor stressed how much corruption distorts statistics and creates bureaucracy in any nation.
Mutjavikua made reference to the highly publicised SME Bank, at which millions of dollars went missing as well as the fact that large amounts of Namibian raw materials are leaving the country for processing in other countries and continents, just to be imported back into the country.
“The rate at which unprocessed goods such as granite is leaving this country is alarming and this is remnant of corruption and needs to be dealt with,” said the governor.