I’ve been victimised: Upithe

12 Dec 2018 15:40pm
OKAHANDJA, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – Okahandja mayoral candidate, Sofia Upithe has accused her fellow councillors of victimising and disregarding her.
Upithe’s revelations come at a time when she has been accused of deliberately missing council meetings when invited by incumbent Mayor, Johannes 'Congo' Hindjou.
She is also implicated in disregarding orders and invitations for Swapo-party meetings, according to Swapo District Coordinator for Okahandja Branch, Martha Mwandingi-Simeon.
In an interview with this agency on Tuesday, Upithe vindicated herself, saying she can no longer be pushed around by those who clearly have an agenda against her.
“I am not an employee of the municipality; I am a councillor who must be invited by the chief executive officer to a meeting which has an agenda,” Upithe explained.
Upithe and Hindjou each stand a chance of becoming the town’s new mayor.
This after Swapo Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa directed on 12 November 2018 that Upithe be elected as mayor.
However, Swapo’s District Executive Committee has been firm in its resolve that Hindjou retains the position.
It premised its position on Rule 64 of the Swapo Constitution, which mandates them to effect changes to the municipal council.
Last month, the process to elect the town’s new mayor came to a standstill after residents who thronged the Council Chambers to witness the event, caused havoc that led to the entire process being halted by the presiding officer.
Furthermore, Upithe’s credentials for the position of mayor have also come under scrutiny from other Swapo councillors and those of opposition parties.
Popular Democratic Movement’s Sylvia Karuombe said they (Swapo) want to put in somebody that they can manipulate.
“They want to put in their puppet - a puppet that they can use like they used to do in Okahandja when they were selling erven only to Swapo members. We are tired!” Karuombe told Nampa in a separate interview.
On her part, Upithe said she has what it takes to lead the town.
The politician also rubbished insinuations that she, once she becomes mayor, can easily be manipulated to advance interests of the elite.
“I have enough skill to lead this town and even become the president of Namibia. Because it is my mother land, I can,” she said.
Should Upithe become mayor, she promised to bring in the element of planning which, according to her, is zilch under Hindjou.
She vowed to revive the town’s strategic plan, which she said has been “placed under the table”.