Boxing promoters express mixed feelings on the new MTC sponsorship deal

12 Dec 2018 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – Boxing promoters in Namibia have expressed mixed feelings over the new sponsorship packages availed by Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) here Tuesday.
The new sponsorship deal to the Nestor Tobias Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy and Salute Boxing Academy will run from December 2018 until December 2021. Each stable gets N.dollars 4.9 million.
Nestor Tobias, the chairperson and owner of Nestor Tobias Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy, said that while he is surprised that the new deal cuts by half his previous benefit, he will continue to work hard and produce more quality boxers.
“I am excited and happy but at the same time shocked because when you perform, you expect more. We expected our budget to be doubled, but we congratulate Salute Boxing; we welcome them into the family. Boxing is the winner today,” he said.
Tobias added that he submitted reports for the past three years and presented their budget, based on their achievements in the previous years.
New beneficiary - Chairperson of Salute Boxing Academy Kiriata Kamanya - was excited over the sponsorship, saying he is glad MTC finally saw his hard work.
“I have approached them (MTC) several times, and finally my hard work has paid off. I will obey the rules of the contract and will make sure I do not soil MTC’s name. I look forward to working with MTC,” he said.
Meanwhile, Anita Tjombe of Iron Lady Promotions, was unforgiving in her assessment, claiming that the whole deal smells of corruption and questioned how Tobias continue to benefit from the sponsorship when he has proven that he cannot develop the sport.
“Nestor has failed to upgrade his gymnasium; he still owes a lot of boxers their purses for fights from over two or three years and despite this, he continue to benefit from MTC sponsorship. This is unfair,” she said.
She added that the sponsors could have spread the money across all stables so as to help them grow in the industry.
Tjombe said only AC Boxing Gym currently has a world champion, which shows that they are serious about the sport and they deserve to be supported.
She further questioned what role the relationship between the MTC Board Chairperson Elvis Nashilongo and Kamanya play in the latter getting support, saying the two are brothers.
MTC has been involved with boxing for the past six years. It first partnered with the Nestor Tobias Sunshine Academy, first investing N.dollars 7.5 million in 2013, before raising it to N.dollars 10.37 million in 2016.