Namvet wants better political representation

11 Dec 2018 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 11 DEC (NAMPA) – The Namibian War Veterans Trust (Namvet) is considering joining a political party that will represent them better than they are represented now.
This was remarked by Namvet’s founder, Jabulani Ndeunyema during a media conference here on Tuesday, adding they may consider driving their own political train.
“We were scattered with all different political parties in our country and we could not stand up for our own interests. We have put trust in others who we do not know well,” Ndeunyema said.
He further said they are growing up and have the competence to run their own affairs.
“We have learnt that politics determine who has the power and not who has the truth and we cannot sacrifice for others for them to remain politically relevant,” he noted.
As a leader of the organisation, Ndeunyema called on all members to disassociate themselves from all political parties in the country, while those on the payrolls of such parties should remain as hibernators until further notice.
“As a united SWATF and Koevoet family, come next year in our numbers, we are going to vote in isolation but as a team for the sake of our own interests,” said Ndeunyema.
The group further rubbished the report by Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Sebastian Karupu that the former members of the South West Africa Territorial Forces (SWATF) and those of the erstwhile counter-terrorism police known as Koevoet do not qualify to be recognised as war veterans.
The group also dismissed the advice by the committee to register for the Food Bank and social grants and to seek assistance at public health facilities when they are sick.
“Each Namibian qualifies for social grants and can visit health facilities at will and there is no need for us to be told as such,” Ndeunyema said.