History should not be distorted: Iyambo

10 Dec 2018 16:10pm
WINDHOEK, 10 DEC (NAMPA) – It is of great importance and significance for history in Namibia to be truthfully and objectively expressed, president of the South West Africa National Union (Swanu), Tangeni Iyambo has said.

Iyambo made these remarks here on Monday in an interview with Nampa on the sidelines of the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day and National Women Rights Day.

“Distortion of facts and figures may not only mislead our people but may also confuse the realities that transpired as our nation attempted to organise itself into what ultimately culminated to where we are to this day,” said Iyambo.
The 10th of December, according to Iyambo, is Heroes and Heroines’ Day, celebrating those who refused their forceful removal from the Old Location to Katutura and should therefore be commemorated as such.

One suggestion he has is for the names of those who were buried in the mass grave of the Old Location Cemetery to be written on the tomb.

“There are survivors of this day who know those who were buried there and one fails to understand that for all these years since independence, the government has failed to have their names written on their grave,” he noted.

The leader of the eldest political party in Namibia further urged the organisers to plan activities that would tell the real story of what transpired on that specific day as this will according to him will give a clearer picture to those who only hear of the day, especially the younger generation.

Iyambo further said that his party has a problem with not being included in the programme something he says they have been trying with the Regional Council for the past years.

This day, according to him, was initiated by Swanu as it was the only political party at the time and as such, feel the party should bepart of the proceedings.

Swanu supporters on Monday flocked to the event with posters bearing slogans such as; “10 December 1959 is Swanu Day.”

This, according to Iyambo, was not a demonstration but just an act of putting history into the right perspective.

Khomas Regional Governor, Laura McLeod-Katjirua condemned the action by Swanu and its request for the inclusion in the programme as a political party.

“The 10th December is not a political day, hence the invitation of all political parties to present statements on this day. What is it that the political parties were going to tell us that the government of the day cannot tell?” she asked.