Major revamp for Otjiwarongo oxidation pond and dumpsite

09 Dec 2018 10:30am
OTJIWARONGO, 09 DEC (NAMPA) – The Otjiwarongo Municipality started refurbishing the town’s oxidation ponds and dumpsite last month.
The municipality’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Adelheid Shilongo in an interview with Nampa on Friday said the two projects started in the first week of November and should be completed by February 2019.
She said the municipality this financial year allocated more than N.dollars 2.1 million for the fencing off, re-organising, cleaning and demarcation of the dumpsite and oxidation ponds.
“We intend to demarcate our dumpsite into sections so we can separate types of waste before it is disposed of,” said Shilongo.
The PRO said once the upgrade is complete, there will be sections for garden refuse, general waste, building waste material, plastic, paper and glass, amongst others.
The oxidation pond area will be cleaned and a fence erected around it.
Shilongo said this will stop people and livestock roaming into the area as is currently happening.
“Most importantly to us, we want to take control, protect and organise properly these two facilities from vandalism and people’s movements,” she said.
Two security guards per shift will be placed at the dumpsite to control and direct people who want to dispose of waste. One guard has already been hired for the oxidation ponds, Shilongo said.