'We are the political alternative': Venaani

08 Dec 2018 19:20pm
WINDHOEK, 08 DEC (NAMPA) – As the race for the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections takes shape, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) believes it is Namibia’s only hope if the needs of the masses are to be addressed.
This is according to the party’s leader, McHenry Venaani.
Speaking during the opening of PDM’s second-extraordinary congress at Döbra on the outskirts of Windhoek on Saturday, the leader of the official opposition said the needs of urban poor Namibians have been neglected by Government as it is “out of touch with the realities on the ground.”
One such example is the construction of the incomplete office of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, for which the final cost has been estimated at N.dollars 1 billion.
“We could have spent that money on electrifying and allocating sanitation such as toilets and housing to 60 per cent of Windhoek’s urban poor,” Venaani said.
This and many other misdirected priorities will be a thing of the past should Namibians give his party the mandate to lead the country, he said.
“Your unwavering resolve to work for the people of our country has made the Popular Democratic Movement the de facto political alternative in Namibia. We are the alternative,” Venaani told his audience.
He further noted that one of the immediate changes the party would effect is a drastic reduction in the Cabinet.
“We will have 15 ministers, not 37 ministers. Botswana is one example. Finland is another example. We are spending a lot of money on VIP and security, directors, under secretaries… Our government will be smaller so that more of our resources can go to our people,” the politician said.
He added: “Our government will not have a vice president, we will amend the constitution. We will have one president, one prime minister, 15 ministers, four deputy ministers, finish and klaar.”
Additionally, Venaani proposed that a bill of labour opportunity protection be promulgated to safeguard job opportunities for Namibia’s youth.
“Young people are on the verge of hopelessness as they are inundated with joblessness,” he lamented.
Recent statistics indicate that youth unemployment in Namibia stands at 43.4 per cent.
Another stumbling block for the youth is the extensive requirements most employers have, he said.
“The continuous request for young people to prove prior work experience while no opportunities are given to them must come to an end. Experience requirements from the youth must fall!” Venaani said.
The two-day congress will see PDM effect changes to its constitution as it intends to align itself with the realities of the day, as well as to the aspirations of the now rebranded movement.
More than 400 delegates are attending the congress.