Swapo falling apart says Amukwiyu

30 Nov 2018 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 30 NOV (NAMPA) – An attempt by Swapo’s regional coordinator for Oshikoto, Armas Amukwiyu to have unity in the party as an extra-ordinary item on the agenda at the Swapo congress on Friday, failed.
This was after Swapo President Hage Geingob rejected the motion during the opening of the extra-ordinary congress in the capital.
Amukwiyu, who shared the podium with Geingob, addressed the about 800 attendees during his opening statement.
He wrote to the party’s president, as well as Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa, asking for an opportunity to be heard on what he described as an urgent matter which could make or break the party.
“I see it fit and appropriate to request through the secretary general of our party an opportunity to say something of interest that has the potential to destroy us if we are not careful,” he said.
The politician then proposed that a motion that will explicitly discuss unity in the party be added to the agenda of the extra-ordinary congress, which in its current form only intends to amend Swapo’s constitution.
Amukwiyu – who lost to Shaningwa for the position of SG last year – said he fully endorses the decisions of the congress and re-affirms his support of the current Swapo leadership.
“I asked comrade president (Geingob) because my heart is bleeding. I am cognisant of the fact that this congress was called to deal with extra-ordinary items, like the amendment of the party constitution, and to adopt the results and resolutions of the sixth ordinary congress,” he stated.
He then asked that an extra-ordinary item titled ‘Unity of Common Purpose of the Swapo Party’ be placed on the congress agenda.
If Amukwiyu had his way, he would have presented a document detailing the level of disunity to the congress delegates and how the party can resolve its issues internally.
“It is my considered view that apart from the constitutional amendments, there is an urgent need to entertain the subject of unity of common purpose within our party,” he said.
According to the coordinator, it is an open secret that the ruling party is “falling apart”.
“It will be naïve of us as leaders of this party to say all is well while we know very well that the party is basically falling apart,” he continued.
Amukwiyu further said he believes it is in Swapo’s best interests to openly discuss the matter “without fear or favour”.
However, his dream was short-lived as Geingob was quick to note that nothing will be added to the agenda.
“If anything is going to be added, it is outside of our constitution. You have to give three months’ notice for the item to be inscribed on the agenda for congress to discuss it,” he said.
Geingob then refuted the claims of division among Swapo’s rank and file.
“The comrade is painting a picture of Swapo collapsing. At the same time, he accepts the outcome of the election. Are we collapsing? Are we creating problems where there are no problems? Is it true that those who were defeated are not happy?” he asked, as the audience shouted “No!” in unison.
Geingob was quick to note that there are multiple platforms at which the party can discuss Amukwiyu’s “extra-ordinary item”.
“To derail a congress that was meant only to amend the constitution, I am sorry,” he said.
The congress started Friday and ends Saturday.