Otjiwarongo councillors re-elected

29 Nov 2018 10:20am
OTJIWARONGO, 29 NOV (NAMPA) - The Otjiwarongo local authority councillors on Wednesday re-elected themselves in their positions.
The seven councillors held their midterm internal election at the Otjiwarongo Municipality Chambers and were sworn in by Magistrate Eduard Kesslau.
Mayor Bennes Haimbondi was nominated by deputy Mayor Moderatha Shaduka to retain his position, and Gottlieb Shivute seconded it.
Shaduka was also then re-elected in her position, while Sonia Iyambo, Shivute and Hilda Jesaja retained their positions as members of the management committee.
Other council members are Esmeralda !Aebes and Gottfried Ubu-Gaeb.
Haimbondi, Shaduka, Shivute, Iyambo and Jesaja are on the Swapo Party ticket, while !Aebes represent the Popular Democratic Movement and Ubu-Gaeb the United Democratic Front.
Haimbondi, in his acceptance speech, promised to carry out the council mandate by serving the residents of the town wholeheartedly.
“I want to see a proper public market in this town so that we can remove these street vendors and place them at that place,” he said.
The Otjiwarongo Municipality has been unable to construct a proper market due to financial constraints, which has resulted in street vendors setting up temporary structures all over the central business district.