Uutoni calls for unity in sport

27 Nov 2018 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 27 NOV (NAMPA) – Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Erastus Uutoni has called on the sport fraternity to unite and work together for the sake of development of sport in the country.
Uutoni made these remarks while addressing the presidents and secretaries general of various sports codes in the capital on Monday, where he thanked them for their cooperation during the year and encouraged them to work harder next year.
He urged all sport federations to collaborate and support each other regardless of their background.
“Our sports is facing challenges. When our sportsmen and women are playing, I don’t want to see only one group of society supporting. We must all go, encourage and boost the morale of those boys and girls. I want to see a lovely picture of Namibian mixing to support one another,” said Uutoni.
The minister appealed to federations to stop the infighting and do what is best for sport, referring to the recent conflicts at Namibia Football Association and the Namibia Rugby Union.
“People are fighting for something that belongs to the nation; sport. Look at the Baby Warriors, our kids failed to go to Angola because of the infighting. If you look at the age of people that are fighting, it is people who will retire soon,” stressed Uutoni.
The sports minster stated that he pledged N$2000 towards the proposed sport expo expected to take place in September next year and urged everyone to contribute to it.
“The sport expo is on. I am not imposing it on you but I want you to support it,” he declared.
At the same occasion, Uutoni also urged people to support the idea of a sport museum which was given the go-ahead by cabinet.
The museum will be used to display the country’s sport heroes’ souvenirs from yesteryear, including their pictures, sporting accessories and other related displayable items.
This, he said, will encourage the future generations to aim to do well in sports.
“We say we got sports heroes, but where is the place we can proudly show that as a nation? Even the shoes or the t-shirt that Frankie Fredericks wore first, where are they? History is lost,” said Uutoni.