Basson allegedly neglects unemployed youth plight

25 Nov 2018 11:20am
KEETMANSHOOP, 25 NOV (NAMPA) – A group of unemployed Keetmanshoop youth camping in protest in front of the Office of the //Kharas Governor, has accused the incumbent, Lucia Basson of ignoring and neglecting their cry.
The group on Friday told the media they want to bring to light the reasons of their discontentment to everyone and importantly, the government.
On 12 November, the residents held a peaceful demonstration against the appointment of ‘struggle kids’ in Government jobs at the southern town and handed over a petition requesting the employment of local youth instead, to Basson. They also demanded that the Cabinet resolution on the ‘struggle kids’ appointments be reversed and that all ‘struggle kids’ employed in Keetmanshoop and within //Kharas vacate those positions before 19 November 2018.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister (PM) Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila responded to the group’s petition, but the group claimed that none of their demands was met, after which they decided to camp in front of the governor’s office.
On the same day, Basson said if the group feels their demands are not met, they can write a petition to the highest authority (PM and President) through her office.
They then wrote a letter on 22 November to the PM through Basson’s office requesting for an audience.
“As we are not pleased, we are equally not welcoming the response from your office, thus we request a consultative meeting with you on or before 26 November,” indicates the letter.
Responding to the group the same date they wrote the letter, Basson said they must first remove the tent they have erected in front of her office.
“I have kindly requested you to remove the tent in front of my office, but you fail to adhere to my request. Thus I am informing you that I will not attend to your letter before you fulfil my request today (Thursday).”
The group responded they cannot remove the tent as it serves as shelter for them, protecting them from the wind and the sun.
A young man who spoke during the press briefing, Easter Isaak said they need jobs where they can acquire housing, land and food security for them and their families.
“Working in shops will not help us acquire this - we need jobs in the government, we too are citizens of this country, we are currently exposed to hunger, lack of potable water and proper housing; we need to better our situation,” he said.