We are servants of those who elected us: Sankwasa

23 Nov 2018 18:00pm
RUNDU, 23 NOV (NAMPA) – The new chairperson of the Swapo Party leaders assigned to the Kavango East Region, James Sankwasa said members in leadership positions should remember that they are not there to represent themselves but the people who elected them.
Sankwasa made these remarks during his first meeting with the party’s Regional Executive Committee members on Friday, since taking the reins on 06 August 2018.
Other leaders also assigned to the region include Johanna Kandjimi, Lucia Iipumbu and Louisa Garosas.
Sankwasa addressed the meeting on the importance of the party’s guiding documents, required leadership as well as service delivery and unity of purpose.
“Leadership in the modern age should be a mission with a purpose. We need to critically ask ourselves: What was I elected for? Why do I hold the position I currently have in the party?” he said.
In order to be a good leader and not a mediocre one, the chairperson said elected leaders at various levels of the Swapo Party owe it to themselves to read, understand and practice the provisions of their constitution.
Sankwasa said the constitution has to serve as the political bible and hymnbook and must further guide the members’ thinking, activities and decisions as they undertake the unification and developmental journey of the country as a ruling party.
“In addition to the constitution, each Swapo Party wing also has a constitution that guides the activities of such a wing. All these constitutions of the various wings are in conformity with the mother constitution,” he said.