Swakopmund Municipality awards first ever food hygiene competitors

23 Nov 2018 17:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 23 NOV (NAMPA) – The Swakopmund Municipality on Friday awarded close to ten food outlets that competed in its inaugural Food and Hygiene Competition here.
The competition, according to the municipality’s Environmental Health Practitioner, Rosalia Neshuku in an interview with Nampa, was aimed to encourage and recognise all food outlets and establishments that have maintained good preparation practices and hygienic standards in order to prevent food borne illnesses.
“The evaluations of the premises of the various competitors started on 19 November and looked at aspects such as food preparation, staff hygiene and display areas, including toilets and refuse conditions,” Neshuku explained.
The categories for the competition included bistros/coffee shops, restaurants and takeaways, hotels, mobile kiosks/trailers, bakeries, butcheries, frozen pre-packaged fish and general food establishments.
Neshuku added that the municipality aims at hosting this event annually, and encouraged as many participants as possible to enter next year.
General Manager in the Health Services Department, Clive Lawrence during the award ceremony also congratulated the winners on a job well done in ensuring safety and hygiene.
“This should not only encourage you to maintain the safety and hygiene at your establishments, but should also motivate you to go beyond these standards in future,” Lawrence reiterated.
Swakopund Councillor, Assertha Marsh during the same event also reiterated the importance of food safety and hygiene as it allows businesses within the town to provide safe food that contributes to a healthy and productive society.
“We still need to work hard to ensure that not only businesses that are represented here but all businesses within the town’s jurisdiction are working hard to ensure food safety,” Marsh noted.
Establishments such as Woermann Brock Mondesa, Ocean Basket, Vineta Shell, Benguela Meats and Mugg and Bean were represented in the competition.