All set for Onkungo Boxing Bonanza

22 Nov 2018 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 22 NOV (NAMPA) – Preparations for the upcoming Harry Simon Onkungo Promotions ‘Second Chance’ Boxing Bonanza are at an advanced stage, with all but one of the foreign-based fighters already in Namibia.
At a press briefing in the capital on Thursday, the organisers confirmed that Simon’s opponent is set to arrive in Namibia on Thursday night for the fight that has been scheduled to take place in the capital on Saturday.
Janine van Wyk from the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) said the boxing event has been sanctioned and that all the requirements had been met.
Matchmaker Joseph ‘Smokey’ Hilongwa of Onkungo Promotions reiterated Van Wyk’s sentiments, calling on Namibians at large to come and witness a great night of boxing.
The boxing event will see father and son, Simon and Harry Simon Jr, fighting on the same card.
Simon will fight Kaminja Ramadhani Shabani of Tanzania in a catchweight eight-round fight, while Simon Jr will face veteran Zimbabwean boxer Meshack Kondwani of Zimbabwe.
Simon said he was looking forward to the fight as he has been inactive for quite some time.
“This is an opportunity for me to once again display my God-given talent. I have not been lucky with fights lately, but I am glad that we have this fight happening,” he said.
Simon was critical of people who are always ask him about his retirement date, saying those people should explain to him why he should retire.
“What have I done for them to call for my retirement? Have I been a weak boxer? Have I lost a fight badly? Why do you want me to stop working…must I become a criminal?”
Simon Jr said he was excited about his first international fight, adding that he has no plans of staying in the ring for more than two rounds with an old man.
Meanwhile, Kondwani said his opponent is a small child as evidenced by his utterances during the press conference.
“He is very energetic. That is why he is talking the way he is. Come Saturday night I will prove myself,” said Kondwani.
The event will have a total of nine boxing bouts.
Below, the boxing card:

Featherweight four rounds 57.15 kilogrammes (kg)
Teofilus Nashilongo versus (v) Paulus Aileka
Pro Debut - Pro Debut

Super lightweight four rounds 63.5 kg
Sacky Amutjaa v Rafael Iita
4f 3w 1l - 3f 2w 1l

Bantamweight four rounds 53.50 kg
Samuel Nangolo v Salatiel Moses
3f 3l - 2f 1w 1l

Featherweight four rounds 69.85 kg
Paulus Amavila v Emmanuel Jason
Pro Debut for both

Super Welterweight four rounds 69.85 kg
Hedison ‘Bulelo’ Nghipondoka v Ndadi Shapwa
3f 1w 2l – 1f 1l

Catchweight eight rounds 69.85 kg
Vikapita Meroro v Mussa Ajibu (Malawi)
35f 28w 7l - 44f 28w 11l 5d

Super lightweight eight rounds 94 kg
Albino ‘Danny boy’ Felesianu v Limbani Chipaka (Malawi)
20f 17w 2l 1d - 9f 7w 2l

Catchweight eight rounds 92 kg
Harry ‘Terminator’ Simon v Kaminja Ramadhan Shabani (Tanzania)
30f 30w - 20f 11w 8l 1d