Tobias calls for transparency with taxpayers' money

13 Nov 2018 13:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 13 NOV (NAMPA) – Acting Chairperson of the National Council’s Audit Committee, Libbius Tobias on Tuesday reiterated the importance of transparency in the execution of all government-funded activities.
Tobias was speaking during the official opening of the committee's monitoring and evaluation workshop on Tuesday, which is taking place here until Friday.
“We must recognise that the money we receive to carry out our activities as a committees is taxpayers’ money and thus carries accountability with it and should therefore be used prudently,” he said.
The workshop is aimed at evaluating the progress in terms of the execution of the activities of the Erongo Region’s National Council (NC) committees for the first two quarters of the 2018/19 financial year.
“Monitoring and evaluating is a valuable tool to support the work of committees of the NC. It also helps the committee and National Council as an institution to understand what works, what does not and why,” Tobias noted.
He further urged committees that have been entrusted with money for their activities by the National Council to open up for the sake of transparency.
He stated that the deliverables at the end of the workshop will be consolidated in a report that will cover findings, recommendations and clear alternatives for future planning and execution of committees’ activities, as well as incorporating comments from committees.
Chairperson of the NC, Margaret Mensah-Williams at the same occasion said it is indeed the duty of the standing audit committee to hold all other committees to account by monitoring the implementation of the annual activities, among others.
“I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the standing committee to the NC and this meeting here this week.
“Through the reports of standing committees, the NC has over the years contributed immensely to change in government policies in areas such as human-wildlife conflict, protection of woman and children from rape and gender-based violence, among many more,” Mensah-Williams stated.