Six-year-old girl raped at Oshitosi village

12 Nov 2018 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 12 NOV (NAMPA) – A six-year-old girl was on Friday raped as she made her way home from school at Oshitosi village in the Oshikoto Region, the police have reported.
In the weekend crime report released Monday, the Namibian Police Force’s Public Relations Division stated that the suspect, a 17-year-old Grade 5 learner, has been arrested.
“The suspect, who is the girl’s neighbour, lured her to a tree and had sexual intercourse with her under coercive circumstances,” the report said.
Meanwhile in an unrelated matter at Okadhiya village in the Ontunda area, three-year-old Stefanus Shipandeni Simaneka died of suffocation after a 10-year-old cousin of his poured sand into his mouth.
It is alleged that Simaneka and his older cousin were playing and throwing sand at each other.
Simaneka is said to have fallen down and his cousin then allegedly sat on him and poured sand into his mouth, causing him to suffocate.
The police also reported that a mother woke up Saturday night to find that her baby had died at Onelago village.
It is alleged that the woman and her baby arrived home from cuca-shops where she had allegedly been drinking traditional brew.
She then breastfed the baby and they went to sleep and when she woke up at 03h00, she found that the baby was dead.
Police investigations continue.
At Okovakazendu village in the Kunene Region’s Epupa Constituency, an inquest docket has been opened after six-year-old Mukaakaruezu Ndjundja died of unnatural causes.
According to the police report, Ndjundja had gone to urinate behind a hut at their home. She ran back, screaming that she was bitten before collapsing and dying.
It is not known what had bitten her.