After-school programme launched at Keetmanshoop

12 Nov 2018 16:10pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 12 NOV (NAMPA) – An after-school programme for primary school learners has started in Keetmanshoop.
The founder and programme manager of the //Kharas Arts Dance Academy, Ivan Mueze told Nampa they hope to keep the children off the streets and instead keep them engaged in activities like drama, dancing, sports and most important, helping them with homework after school.
Thirty-five learners from various primary schools have so far registered for the programme, which was officially introduced to parents on Friday.
“This project can save these children and keep them away from the streets so they are not exposed to things such as drugs and alcohol,” Mueze said.
The programme runs from 14h00 to 16h30, Monday to Thursday at the multi-purpose youth centre.
“We now only consider learners from grades one to seven but as the academy grows, we plan to include learners from grade eight to 12 and even out-of-school youth,” Mueze said.
He further said the programme has been running for two weeks now and he has been impressed with the children’s abilities.
“They are able to perform dramas about alcohol and drug abuse without being taught much. This means children know these things and it is about time we change their mindset and educate them that drugs and alcohol are not right for them and it can destroy their future,” Mueze said.
He added that one challenges they have is that some of the learners do not have stationery to do their homework with. They also lack qualified teachers to help the learners with their homework.
Krönlein Primary School Principal, Hendrik Coetzee commended Mueze on the initiative, saying it was a good idea.
He encouraged Mueze to work in collaboration with the principals of the different schools to track the performance of the learners.
Another parent suggested that a fund be established for parents and the community at large to donate funds to be used for the buying of stationery.