Basson receives residents’ petition over job appointments of ‘struggle kids’

12 Nov 2018 14:50pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 12 NOV (NAMPA) – Nearly 70 Keetmanshoop residents on Monday staged a peaceful demonstration against the appointment of ‘struggle kids’ in Government jobs at the southern town.
The group handed over a petition detailing their concerns to //Kharas Governor, Lucia Basson.
The petition, read by Marinda Boois, an unemployed youth, said the community is dismayed by the fact that local unemployed young people are excluded from employment opportunities while the ‘struggle kids’ receive preferential treatment.
“We understand and accept the fact that the Constitution says Namibia is a unitary state, however, the manner in which the ‘struggle kids’ have been recruited indirectly discriminates against the unemployed locals.”
The group questioned the rationale of employing ‘struggle kids’ from other regions ahead of equally unemployed youth from the town.
“It seems that the independent Government in the new democracy has adopted the discriminatory policies similar to that of the German colonial regime and the South African apartheid regime as the basis upon which employment has been conducted seems to be ethnic,” the petition stated.
It added that the local community continues to languish in squalid poverty, yet the few employment opportunities are given exclusively to ‘struggle kids’.
“This is discrimination and we will fight the discriminatory practices of the Government of Namibia. The ethnic basis of the recruitment is unacceptable, discriminatory, unfair, prejudicial and unpatriotic,” said the group.
They demanded that the decision to recruit the ‘struggle kids’ be withdrawn and that locals be duly considered for those vacancies.
“We demand that the Cabinet resolution be reversed with immediate effect, we demand that all ‘struggle kids’ employed in Keetmanshoop and within the region vacate office before 19 November 2018,” reads the petition.
The group demanded that the governor execute their demands without delay.
Receiving the petition, Basson commended the group for carrying out a peaceful demonstration and promised the group that their petition will be sent to the Office of the President and the Office of the Prime Minister.
“I will make sure that this petition reaches the highest authority in the country and I will add a cover letter demanding an immediate answer,” she said.
The residents at a community meeting last week agreed to stage a peaceful demonstration over unemployed youth at the town and in the region and the placement of some ‘struggle kids’ in various posts within the region following a directive from Cabinet.