Youth should improve their own lives: Van Wyk

11 Nov 2018 11:10am
REHOBOTH, 11 NOV (NAMPA) - United People’s Movement (UPM) Vice President and Member of Parliament, Jan van Wyk has called on young people to refrain from criminal activities and focus on ideas to create jobs for themselves.
Speaking during a community meeting in Rehoboth at the party’s headquarters on Saturday, Van Wyk said his party is concerned about the high unemployment rate, gender-based violence and alcohol and drug use among the youth.
“The high unemployment rate is resulting in our youth involving themselves in criminal activities. Many of us as families pray for their future so they can have better lives. They need to make use of opportunities to get out of their situation and not rely on their parents,” he said.
Van Wyk said the UPM has over the past three years requested the unemployed youth who are members of the party to join the UPM Youth League in an effort to equip themselves for the future.
“The response is poor and therefore, attempts by the party to arrange training in different fields were placed on hold. We cannot invest in you if you are not prepared to get out of your comfort zones,” he said.
He however also blasted the UPM Youth League, saying they are “nowhere to be seen” and failing in their mission of serving their fellow youth.
“You were elected to serve your fellow members and if you are not prepared to do so, I suggest you conduct an extra-ordinary congress to elect leaders who are willing to serve. The UPM will not tolerate your attitude; you always complain about not being given opportunities, but you are not prepared to do your part,” Van Wyk fumed.
He gave the youth league seven days to re-strategise before their national executive committee meeting on 23 November.
Van Wyk also slammed the appointment of ‘struggle kids’ in various vacant positions in some towns in the south and said the process was unjust.
“We have learned about the recent recruitment of the so-called children of the liberation struggle whilst the unemployed youth of those towns are ignored. I salute the bravery of those who stood up to demonstrate against these unjust practices.”
He said the unemployed youth of Rehoboth were silent, despite his advice to them to follow the example set by others.