It cannot be about us without us: Neka

10 Nov 2018 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 10 NOV (NAMPA) – The Namibian Exile Kids Association (Neka) said Government has failed to employ their ideas on job creation and labelled the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service as “the most useless” ministry in Namibia.
The group made the statements at a press conference on Friday, which was aimed at addressing media reports relating to the purported employment of children of the liberation struggle ahead of other needy Namibians.
Neka noted that the government was doing its best to address their plight, but that there are agencies and individuals who “deliberately engage in retrogressive exercises which defeat Government’s noble intentions”.
One such entity is the Youth Ministry.
“The ministry is just one of the most useless institutions,” Neka president, Benitha Nakaambo told reporters before questioning the abilities of those placed at its helm.
“When you are supposed to be having your most progressive young people put at the helm of that institution so that it can work, you have people that are just sitting there,” Nakaambo said, adding that it would make no difference if the entire ministry was dissolved.
“The implementation of youth development programmes in general are not coming through and as a result, the youth are frustrated. Us and anybody else.”
Nakaambo was referring to several projects meant for the ‘struggle kids’ placed under the ministry for implementation that she said are yet to see the light of day.
Neka said the time had come for Government to engage them for their input to address their issues once and for all.
The group demanded that the government moves away from the tendency of developing programmes and projects for affected groups without their involvement.
“You can’t build my house without me. It is my house. The time has come for government to say ‘yes Neka, what is to be done’. Nobody else can understand the issue of the children of the liberation struggle than themselves,” said Nakaambo.
Neka also took time to address several media reports, which the group believes could cause civil strife by pitting the children of the liberation struggle against the rest of the nation.
“Let’s not fuel things that don’t need to be fuelled,” Nakaambo said.
Communities in several parts of the country are up in arms because ‘struggle kids’ are employed at Government institutions ahead of locals.