Cuba only left with dead bodies: Geingob

10 Nov 2018 10:30am
WINDHOEK, 10 NOV (NAMPA) – President Hage Geingob said Cuba’s relationship with Namibia will always remain open at all diplomatic levels due to the sacrifices it made during Namibia’s liberation struggle.
Geingob was speaking during the farewell courtesy visit of outgoing Cuban Ambassador to Namibia, Giraldo Mazola to State House on Friday.
The Head of State said the “genuine friendship” between the two countries can always be seen whenever their people meet at diplomatic levels.
“Even today, I don’t think any Namibian will say what they are saying, for instance about condemning China. That shows that we have good relations and it’s because of what Fidel Castro said, you were not [in Namibia] to fight and support for some diamonds or gold. The only thing you took back are the dead [Cuban] bodies,” Geingob said.
That is why when it comes to Cuba, even the Namibian opposition parties are in support, he added.
“When we had the resolution on the Cuban Five, it was unanimous even at a time when we had stronger white opposition parties. So that tells a lot about the relationship and the depth of it,” he noted.
Geingob also commended Mazola, saying he is a very seasoned politician, diplomat, freedom fighter and a comrade.
“When you were assigned to Namibia, we were even surprised how we could even get such a powered person as an ambassador to Namibia, but it shows the relationship [status] as I said,” he motioned.
After Mazola said he is grateful for the support he received from Namibians all over the country during his tenure, Geingob reminded him that Namibia is in its second phase of the struggle which is the fight for economic emancipation, and that he would want the Cuban government’s continued assistance.
Mazola is expected to leave Namibia for Cuba on 18 November 2018 before his successor will present their letter of credence to Geingob later this month.