NamPost officially inaugurates new courier warehouse

08 Nov 2018 11:50am
WINDHOEK, 08 OCT (NAMPA) – NamPost Namibia will be the first logistics company in Namibia and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to make use of mobile hand-held courier technology for clients to sign in and track items.
Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa noted this on Wednesday during the inauguration of the NamPost Courier warehouse in Windhoek, adding that this service will be available at all 140 postal offices countrywide.
Simataa said the courier operated from smaller premises for years before moving to this newly-inaugurated building last year.
“Technology is being put to best use and this will enhance customer experience of NamPost services,” he said.
Simataa also said NamPost Courier made further strides in sub-sectors of logistics, including warehousing, cargo management and tracking systems.
“In an era of rapid technology advancements, the post remains a vital communication element that links people and businesses together and contributes to economic development worldwide.”
Simataa said he is heartened to see progress being made by NamPost in its efforts to transit from being just a normal post office to a multi-service hub.
The minister stated that NamPost’s core business, which is mail has persevered over the years and the company built on other areas of business using various technological enhancements, such as money transfer, parcels delivered overnight and at doorsteps.
“A good transportation system is vital for effective and efficient flow of goods creating a seamless customer experience.”
Simataa mentioned that delivery time should be positively impacted, while service quality and general efficiency levels of the organisation should improve.
The ICT minister also said some of the services NamPost provides to the community are not for profit-making, but merely social services, adding that offices are established in areas where there is very little chance of making profit, such as Tsumkwe, Grünau and Omitara.
“NamPost is not there for profit reasons, but rather responding to the inclusivity call by the government to ensure that Namibians in remote areas have access to postal, banking and insurance products,” he noted.