Omunkuzi and Okathakanguti villagers receive potable water

04 Nov 2018 15:00pm
OMUNKUZI, 04 NOV (NAMPA) – Omusati regional councillor for the Ruacana Constituency, Andreas Shintama officially handed over two water taps for the communities of Omunkuzi and Okathakanguti villages in the constituency on Saturday.
Located more than 20 kilometres (km) south of the Etunda Irrigation Scheme Project, the communities of Omunkuzi and Okathakanguti have been without potable water since before independence in 1990.
“We used to travel long distances to fetch water at a borehole located in one of the cattle posts in the south of our villages, mostly using donkey carts and as such, today we feel our government has finally relieved us from this burden,” said Omunkuzi village headman, Petrus Uyage during the event.
Uyage applauded Shintama’s office and the government at large for the facilitation role in the soliciting of funds and purchasing of materials for the project.
Omunkuzi and Okathakanguti have 1 640 inhabitants, who contributed some N.dollars 5 000 towards the purchasing of materials for their 7km pipeline, while some members, through the government cash/food for work programme, constructed the pipeline.
“Government has a great responsibility of bringing basic services to the communities in the country and the first priority here was to provide clean water for these two villages.
“Countries are built by a united nation. Organise yourself and form water committees to manage the water points and to ensure that you are paying for your water consumption every end of the month,” Shintama urged the villagers.
One village member, Kiito Uyage expressed satisfaction with the opening of potable water taps for the first time, saying diseases will no longer be a problem now that they will be drinking clean water.