Mannetti, players and union praise Namdia

31 Oct 2018 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – Brave Warriors coach Ricardo Mannetti has praised Namdia for availing winning bonuses to the senior national men’s football team, the Brave Warriors.
Speaking at the unveiling of the sponsorship at Namibia Football Association (NFA) Football House on Wednesday, Mannetti said Namdia had “kept the eye on the ball”.
Namdia pledged a sponsorship of bonuses amounting to N.dollars 10 000 for each player for every match won in the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifiers and N.dollars 5 000 for every match drawn.
“Looking at the current situation, one wonders why Namdia agreed to sponsor the team. Despite the current climate in football, Namdia has demonstrated that they still have the players’ interest at heart,” he said.
He added that the players are the ones who can lead the country to victory and qualification to the Afcon.
Mannetti thanked Namdia, saying this will be an added incentive to the team, as they already have a reward structure within the NFA.
Brave Warriors captain, Ronald Ketjijere also applauded the gesture, explaining that as a team, they always believed in focusing on results first before incentives.
“As a team we have cultivated a culture of only getting paid after playing matches. We do not talk about money before games, we keep those for after the matches,” Ketjijere said.
Namibia Football Players Union secretary general, Olsen Kahiriri congratulated Mannetti for facilitating the deal, saying his passion for Namibian football is unquestionable.
“We have been advocating that national team players should be earning N.dollars 18 000 minimum and it seems we are getting there. For the next matches, the players are secured. It motivates the players and we hope more companies will come on board.”
He also said by giving incentives to the team, this will help players take care of their families and encourage competition amongst the players themselves.
The NFA will take care of the technical team’s bonuses until such time that a new deal is agreed upon.