MTC launches fibre optic solutions for businesses

31 Oct 2018 14:50pm
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) here on Wednesday launched its Fibre Optic Solutions for businesses.
The launch came after the increased need for bigger capacity and faster internet speed in the data network.
MTC acting Chief Executive Officer, Thinus Smith said with their fibre network they are able to offer cloud-based services to consumers.
“The benefits are endless and the opportunities for saving through the use of cloud-based services are substantial, but services such as email, document storage and sharing, and accounting software require a stable and secure internet connection with high capacity,” he said.
Smith explained that as a full-service communications solution and internet service provider, MTC continues to keep up with the ever-growing changes.
He added that they continue to make new technology innovations to be able to provide the best internet service supported by the latest infrastructure and reliable networks for the people of Namibia.
“In technology, changes are unavoidable. Technology continues to change and grow along with the increasing demand for faster and high-quality internet connection,” he noted.
Also speaking at the launch MTC General Manager for IT, Patrick Mushimba said the fear among Namibian companies of having data on cloud systems hosted outside of the country is now something of the past.
“With MTC One Cloud, we assure all our prospective customers, the government, private and public enterprises, SOEs and SMEs that all your data residing at MTC One Cloud will now be hosted in country.”
He said it will be in a highly secured environment that is accessible at high speed, thanks to the various broad band services available from MTC through fibre.
“Currently, fibre cables are connected to the roadside cabinets and from these, MTC will be able to direct fibre lines directly to business premises, with the least turnover and minimal installation time frame,” Mushimba said.