Zimbabwean Nango calls on SADC intervention

30 Oct 2018 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 30 OCT (NAMPA) – A delegation of the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (Nango) of Zimbabwe on Tuesday appealed to President Hage Geingob as head of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) to treat the Zimbabwean situation as a matter of urgency.
“This brief seeks our attention to the urgent need for SADC to assist Zimbabwe address the political and economic challenges currently facing the country,” said Rashid Mahiya, who is the chairperson of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.
One of the major concerns from the delegation is the economic situation in the country, referencing further its social and security effects.
The presence of the military, including in public places, as well as its interference in the day-to-day duties of other entities such as the local authorities has also been registered as a concern.
The delegation further accused the media houses, especially those that are state-controlled, of reporting one-sidedly and giving favourable coverage to the ruling party.
The society is urging SADC to call for a dialogue between the major political parties and all stakeholders in Zimbabwe with the aim of de-escalating tension in that country.
They further suggest that SADC, in its endeavour to promote principles in the region, should condemn illegal infractions against human rights, including holding sacrosanct citizens’ right to life and protection by the state as well as discouraging impairments of the rights of the media and ordinary Zimbabweans.
“SADC must impress on Zimbabwe the imperative of returning the civilian process of full norm compliance in modern statecraft, where the military is subordinate to civilian authority and does not interfere with civilian political process,” Mahiya said.
Responding to the delegation, Geingob said that he would consult with the relevant officials for advice before elevating it to other platforms for further deliberations.
He however advised the delegation to start talks with the opposition in Zimbabwe in the same regard, adding that it is best that the citizens accept the outcome of the elections.