Assault case opened against well-known businessman at Rundu

28 Oct 2018 17:30pm
RUNDU, 28 OCT (NAMPA) - A case of assault though threatening and malicious damage to property was opened against a well-known Rundu businessman on Friday in what is said to be a business deal gone sour.
The same case was also opened against another man who is said to have worked with the businessman to destroy property at the home of Leevi Kakukuru, who served as the Rundu Town Council's divisional head of technical and mechanical affairs until last year.
The Namibian Police Force’s Crime Investigations Coordinator for Kavango East, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu told Nampa on Sunday that the two men allegedly intentionally damaged property belonging to Kakukuru, who is the complainant.
They allegedly also threatened to burn down Kakuru’s house.
“The police have not yet arrested the men in question,” the deputy commissioner said.
The suspects are said to have gone to the complainant’s house, where they found the gate locked. They then reportedly rammed the gate until it opened and then also repeatedly rammed a pick-up truck parked inside the yard.
Kakukuru opted not to comment when contacted on Sunday.