National budget remains unchanged but funds rearranged

24 Oct 2018 19:50pm
WINDHOEK, 24 OCT (NAMPA) – The National Budget for the 2018/19 financial year remained unchanged at N.dollars 58.5 billion, Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein announced in the National Assembly on Wednesday.
Presenting the Mid-Year Budget Review, Schlettwein said it was presented against the backdrop of a domestic economy that continue to be subdued and has been in a recession for the last 10 quarters since mid-2016.
The 2018/19 mid-year review figure is N.dollars 58 489 011 000.
However, adjustments were made with a total of 14 ministries receiving an increase while 21 ministries’ budget allocations were decreased.
The Ministry of Finance received the highest budget increase of N.dollars 272 million, followed by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture with an increase of nearly N.dollars 236.9 million for the procurement of textbooks, hostel catering and the school feeding programme.
The Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation was granted an increase of just over N.dollars 189.3 million. This is to be allocated mainly to the University of Namibia, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia Training Authority and the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Services received an increase of N.dollars 175 million for the purchase of pharmaceuticals and personnel expenditure.
Several other ministries also received budget increases for operational expenses. These include:
Safety and Security - N.dollars 50 million
Defence - N.dollars 124.5 million
Judiciary - N.dollars 5 million
Works - N.dollars 27.8 million
Sports, Youth and National Service - N.dollars 1.8 million
Electoral Commission of Namibia - N.dollars 9.8 million
Information and Communication Technology - N.dollars 99.7 million
Veterans Affairs - N.dollars 99.8 million
Attorney General - N.dollars 5 million
Auditor General - N.dollars 4 million
The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration’s budget was decreased by N.dollars 200 000 from N.dollars 609.3 million for remuneration.
The budget of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare was decreased by N.dollars 5.4 million from N.dollars 194.8 million for utilities and court disputes.
Several other offices and ministries’ budgets for operational expenses were also decreased. Their budgets were decreased by the following amounts:
Office of the President – decreased by nearly N.dollars 6 million from N.dollars 411.5 million
Office of the Prime Minister – N.dollars 3 million from N.dollars 365 million
National Assembly - N.dollars 1.7 million from N.dollars 112.5 million
International Relations and Cooperation - N.dollars 2.5 million from N.dollars 884.2 million
National Council - N.dollars 1.2 million from N.dollars 100.4 million
Gender Equality and Child Welfare - N.dollars 2.7 million from N.dollars 1.2 billion
Mines and Energy - N.dollars 12.9 million from N.dollars 264.3 million
Justice - N.dollars 3.2 million from N.dollars 304.9
Urban and Rural Development - N.dollars 290.5 million from N.dollars 2.2 billion
Environment and Tourism - N.dollars 3.5 million from N.dollars 402.3 million
Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development - N.dollars 10.3 million from N.dollars 347.8 million
Agriculture, Water and Forestry - N.dollars 179 million from N.dollars 2.1 billion
Fisheries and Marine Resources - N.dollars 6.5 million from N.dollars 258.6 million
Transport - N.dollars 659.3 million from N.dollars 3.5 billion
Land Reform - N.dollars 110.2 million from N.dollars 476.2 million
National Planning Commission - N.dollars 600 000 from N.dollars 161 million
Anti-Corruption Commission - N.dollars 200 000 from N.dollars 61 million
Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare - N.dollars 1.4 million from N.dollars 3.4 billion
Public Enterprises - N.dollars 500 000 from N.dollars 42.3 million