Ongwediva gets police public relations committee

24 Oct 2018 13:20pm
ONGWEDIVA, 24 OCT (NAMPA) – Commander of Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Rauha Amwele on Tuesday said the police in the Oshana Region makes sure the community is fully involved in crime prevention.
Speaking at the formation of the first-ever Police Public Relations Committee at Ongwediva, Amwele said NamPol strives to ensure that the community is given the opportunity to give their inputs and initiatives on how to prevent crime in the region.
She pointed out that there is no police force anywhere in the world that can succeed without the goodwill, cooperation and assistance from the public it serves.
“As we are all aware, there is an increase of criminal activities in the country and NamPol has come up with various initiatives to establish different committees to combat crimes,” Amwele stated.
She noted that the Police Public Relations Committee is amongst the committees that have been set up to address crime in the country.
According to her, its members are to represent sectors such as security, churches, shebeens, tourism, education, governmental institutions, NamPol divisions and businesses.
The purpose, Amwele said, is to work hand-in-hand with the law enforcement agencies in addressing crime, improving delivery of policing services, identifying problems in the combating of crime, ensuring transparency within the community and to drive NamPol in the right direction.
Ongwediva NamPol station commander, Chief Inspector Elizabeth Nashandi initiated the event, where she told those present that the committee is about harmonising relations between the public and the police, adding that other crime prevention organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch, Women and Men Network and Youth against Crime are already in existence in Ongwediva.
She suggested that the chairperson of the committee be an influential cadre in the society and expressed her wish for each NamPol station in the region to have a similar committee.
Oshana regional councillor for the Ongwediva Constituency, Andreas Uutoni was elected at the event as the inaugural chairperson of the 23-member Ongwediva Police Public Relations Committee.
“Our first meeting, as committee members will be on 13 November 2018,” Uutoni told Nampa when approached for comment on Wednesday.
He is deputised by Naemi Amuthenu, the chairperson of the Ongwediva Town Council management committee and education inspector for the Oshikoto Education Directorate’s Onathinge Circuit.
Sergeant Immanuel Iilonga will serve as the secretary of the committee.